The Power of PAUSE

by Lorraine Smith on July 16, 2017

Pausing is not futile or idle, it’s actually productive!

Pausing is stepping to the side, sometimes for just a few minutes, sometimes for whole lot longer.

Pausing creates the space for contemplation and reflection.

Pausing lets us to reevaluate, reassess, and redirect.

Let’s face it, we are not the same person we were yesterday never mind who we were when we set the wheels in motion for whatever we are working on. We are ever changing, ever growing so it makes perfect sense to take a side step and pause periodically.

Pausing is making an intentional change or shift.

Getting so wrapped up in the outcome can cause us to miss the signals – both internal and external – that pop up along the way that may warrant us to course correct.

Pausing stops us from living on the horizon.

I frequently talk about ebb and flow and the cyclical nature of everything, including us. There are times when we need to take action, press on, and move forward and there are also times when we need to pull back and assess. Essentially, there are times for busy and times for respite.

Pausing doesn’t come easy for most of us and it requires a lot of courage.

By all means, pausing doesn’t mean that we throw in the towel. Pausing can feel uncomfortable because our culture generally values doing, doing, doing and leaving not time for simply being. Most of us have a suck it up and just get ‘er done default mode that runs deep. We are so used to pushing, that slowing down can feel downright unnerving. FOMO (fear of missing out) and fear that the world will come to a halt keeps us from slowing down. But I am seeing another way.  A better, more aligned way of doing things.

Lake Sunset w feetWhen we are in alignment with ourselves on that core level, busy does not drain us, is energizes and inspires us.   

I believe things should be easy. Not in the sense that we will never encounter hardship or have any dark nights of the soul. Rather “easy” from the sense that we are operating from a place of alignment with our mind, body and soul. If we find ourselves feeling off or disoriented, things begin to feel hard and overwhelming because we are no longer in alignment. Pausing gives us the chance to check in with ourselves and course correct so we regain alignment at a core level.

Pausing helps keeps things easy.

Pausing can also be what Kate Northrup so brilliantly dubs as the “fertile void”.  In her blog, Kate shares, “The Fertile Void is the creative phase where we rest, hang out in the unknown, re-evaluate, lay fallow, and pause. She states, “Deep, true creativity doesn’t emerge despite the deep pause; it emerges because of it.”

Pausing calls you back into the present moment. Being present, makes us receptive.

Being receptive – allowing, noticing, appreciating, observing, relaxing, welcoming, feeling, contemplating, revealing, accepting, letting go, yielding, hearing, watching, acknowledging – opens us to embrace the gifts that pausing brings.

Pausing is where the wisdom is.

Most importantly, when we pause, we tap into our creative feminine energy. Pausing helps us remember who we are and invites us to step into our biggest, brightest, truest powerful selves. Pausing helps us to connect to our feminine genius that has always been each of ours to own.

Go ahead Darling, take a pause, tap in, and drink it up the wisdom of YOU!

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