Coaching Programs

Work privately with me in person (limited to those in Monmouth County, NJ) or via convenient telephone or Skype sessions from anywhere in the world!

Here is a glimpse of what my programs look like. Click here to schedule a Breakthrough Session to see what program is the best fit for you.

Jumpstart Program: 28 Days to Renew, Reset and Restore Your Health

  • This 4-week, low-glycemic nutrition program is a holistic approach to a healthier, more vibrant you! It’s not just about losing weight; this program puts you on the path to implementing a healthy lifestyle so you feel in control of your health.
  • Experience these proven results:
    • Break free from unhealthy eating habits including sugar and carb cravings
    • Lose 4-5 lbs in the first 5 days and 5-15 lbs total after the 4 weeks
    • End the cycle of fluctuating weight, moodiness, and fogginess
    • Sleep better than ever before, wake up rested and energized

Ignite Program: Transform Your Lifestyle

  • We start with getting clear on your goals and a review of your health, weight and exercise history. Next, we will explore the primary areas of your world and how it all relates to your fulfillment. Equipped with this deeper awareness, we will craft a personalized action plan that will ignite your personal transformation.
  • This program sets the foundation that turn healthy habits into behaviors that last a lifetime.

Empowerment Program – Become the BEST Version of YOU!

  • This program is for those of you who are ready to peel back the layers and uncover the true you!
  • During our time together, we will dive deep and embark on what transformation looks and FEELS like to you. By getting crystal clear on where you want to go, together we will explore areas of your life that have been holding you back from achieving your dreams.
  • This program empowers you with insight and tools that permanently shifts your behavior to those that are aligned with your core being.

Not sure what program is right for you? Click here to schedule a Breakthrough Session to learn more.

Private Coaching is right for you if you:

  • are committed to getting to the other side of your health and wellness challenges
  • are willing to show up 100% for each session
  • understand that meaningful and lasting change can only come from deep within you
  • recognize that you just need the right program, support and accountability to help you reach your goals
  • are ready to break through the limiting beliefs that may be holding back
  • are willing to step out of your comfort zone to uncover the true you
  • realize that you are worth the time, energy and money necessary to live the life of your dreams

Private Coaching is NOT right for you if are:

  • looking for a quick fix
  • expect me to have all the answers
  • not willing to break out of your comfort zone and do the work
  • not willing to invest the time, energy and money in yourself

Want to learn more? Click here to schedule a Breakthrough Session to experience what working together could be like.

I wish you many blessings and inspiration on your journey. I look forward to working with you!

Speaker Services

Looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire your community with insights on how to live a healthy, vibrant, happy lifestyle? I love talking to groups of all sizes. Contact me learn more about my Speaking engagements.